BIG DAY – Where Are We Supposed To Put These 45-Foot Buses?!

How many first impressions can you make?

Well, we have talked about first impressions coming from the graphics. And we have talked about first impressions coming from the decorations.

But what if people have not seen either of these things? What if someone’s first impression comes from a place you might least expect… the parking?

We try to have a plan for everything, including the parking. Our plan is pretty straightforward: Put a bunch of buses and cars somewhere.

Parking Team

On our sign-up Sunday, our church members sign up under various areas, including parking. About six parking attendants wear bright vests and are posted at various places along our driveway and parking lots. Their job is to greet and welcome guests, as well as direct traffic.

Split buses from cars. The first parking attendant directs cars to one area and buses to another.

Unload bus. Another attendant directs the bus to stop at the sidewalk to unload the passengers. The guests are greeted by the parking attendants and our greeters.

Park bus. After unloading, the bus continues straight through the circle of our parking lot, where parking attendants direct them at each turn and indicate exactly where the bus should stop.

Parking may seem like a ministry that we could do without, but I have been on the other side (as a bus driver), and have seen how nice it is to have people showing me where to park (and the stress of having NO attendants showing me where to go). With a few volunteers and a little foresight, we can create a good experience as soon as the guests pull on campus.