Head Moose [INDOOR GAME]

Circle the chairs, facing inward. Each CHAIR receives an animal “sign.”

The first chair is the “Head Moose,” and the order of chairs goes clockwise. The Head Moose’s sign is moose antlers (2 open hands, palms out, thumbs on temples.)

The other chairs choose signs. They can be anything you can think of that can easily be seen by everyone in the circle. Some examples:

  • Snake – hand “slithers” in an “s” shape away from your body
  • Raccoon – two circles over the eyes
  • Shark – “fin” hand on top of head
  • Rabbit – 2 finger “bunny ears” behind head
  • Bear – 2 claws raised
  • Tiger – 1 claw swiped diagonally


  • The Head Moose always starts.
  • He begins with HIS OWN sign (moose antlers.)
  • He then does SOMEONE ELSE’S sign, “sending” it to them. (e.g. the bunny ears)
  • The person in the RABBIT chair does HIS OWN rabbit sign (bunny ears) to “receive” the sign.
  • Then the rabbit does SOMEONE ELSE’S sign to pass it off again (e.g. the “snake” sign). He can pass it to anyone, including the person who just sent it.

Play continues until someone fails. You fail by:

  • “Receiving” your sign incorrectly (e.g. doing the wrong sign)
  • Hesitating too long
  • Moving out of turn (e.g. the sign is passed to the “bear” but the “tiger” person moves. The “tiger” would fail.)

Once someone FAILS, he goes to the LAST CHAIR (to the right of the “Head Moose.”)

Everyone that was behind him in line then SHIFTS UP one chair.

The sign is assigned to the CHAIR and NOT the PERSON. Everyone who shifted chairs gets the new sign associated with the chair.

Play continues indefinitely. The goal is to become the Head Moose.