Death Ball [ACTIVE GAME]

Arrange the chairs in a circle, facing inward. One person is in the middle.

Pass a beach ball from person to person without the middle man intercepting the ball. If the middle man gets the ball, the LAST PERSON to TOUCH the ball is in the middle. For example, if the ball is thrown across the room and no one catches it, the thrower has to race across the room to get his own ball before the middle man gets it. Or, if someone bounces the ball off their neighbor’s knee and into the middle man’s hand, the last one to touch it is in the middle.

The newest person to take a seat starts with the ball.

The ball must be SERVED to someone at least 3 chairs away (rule only applies to the serve).

The person in the middle can take a seat when:

  • He intercepts the ball (last person to touch it is in the middle), OR
  • He tags the person with the ball


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