Coin Flip, Bottle Grab [INDOOR GAME]

It’s not quite the bottle flip, but it’ll do for a fun time. This game has a simple setup and makes a good competition between two teams. It involves large groups, and anyone can win.


Divide the group into teams of equal size. Since teammates are holding hands, we split guys/girls and used adult youth workers to balance the numbers. For larger groups, divide into more lines, as long as the first person in line can see the coin toss.

Teammates link hands. The first person in line can see the youth leader flipping a coin. The last in line must run a few steps to grab a bottle. The first team to grab the bottle wins a point.


The youth leader flips a coin repeatedly, visible only to the first person in line of each team. When the coin lands on “heads,” the first person squeezes the second person’s hand, and so on down the line. When the last person feels the squeeze, he or she grabs the bottle, earning their team one point.

The last person (the bottle grabber) then moves to the front of the line and everyone else shifts down.


Add one point per bottle. Subtract two points for an accidental squeeze (if the coin was not “heads.”)


This game is easy to adjust the scoring by adding or removing a person from a line, or by favoring the underdog on close calls. It makes for some fun accidents and good follow-up conversations.

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