Use the Teens to Run the Game Times [GAME TIME IDEA]

I allow our teens to run every Wednesday night’s game time. We play for about 20 minutes before the announcement and preaching time, and the teens choose, prepare, and run the games.

Here was my original post to them:


I’ve got a crazy idea… how about YOU choose and run the games on Wednesday nights. Here’s how this is going to work…

We’ll assemble a team or teams. Add your name to the signup sheet in the back if you are interested in helping with this. Each team will have only 2-4 people on it.

We’ll schedule your team’s night. Once you have your team, you will be given a schedule of when your night to do the games is. This might be every week (if there’s only one team), or it might be once per month. It all depends on who signs up.

You will plan your game. Meet with your team to plan a game for everyone. It can be a big deal (like a month-long running contest with points and teams and outdoor adventures and indoor puzzles… whatever!), or it can be simple (like Bible tic-tac-toe or Sword Drills). Seriously!

We’ll discuss your game. Once your team’s game is planned, let me know the week before so it can be approved. We do not want the same game 3 weeks in a row, and we do not always want the same kinds of games, so we will discuss your ideas and approve each one.

You’ll run your game! On your night, YOU will run the game. You’ll prepare all the props ahead of time, you’ll explain any rules, etc. This is YOUR night, so make it amazing. Or simple. Whatever you prefer.

Let me know if you are interested by signing up. This will be fun!

-Bro. Ryan

It has been working fabulously!

  • It relieves me from having to plan and organize the games
  • It teaches them responsibility
  • They are all into it, because THEY planned it!

I designated one of the teen girls to schedule out the teams and get with them on games, reminding them to tell me the week before. She does a great job, posting the teams on the white board and always scheduling a month out.

We have had great games, including Family Feud, a Christian Veggie Tales Karaoke Contest, PSST, Death Ball, and more. I completely recommend it, although it takes some oversight.


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