Heads Up Seven Up [INDOOR GAME]

In my absence last week, the teens played the oldie-but-goodie game “Heads Up Seven Up.” It was new to them, and any game that gets teens talking in between rounds and after the game is a good one.


Choose 7 volunteers (or fewer for smaller groups) to stand up front while the audience members shut their eyes and stick up a thumb.


The up-front volunteers each touch someone’s thumb and return to the front (quietly!) When their thumb is touched, the person puts his or her thumb down so no one else touches it.


Someone says, “Heads up, seven up” and everyone opens their eyes. Each audience member takes turns guessing who touched his or her thumb.


When someone guesses correctly, he or she takes their spot up front. If someone up front was not found out, he or she remains up front for the next round.


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