Bible Outburst [INDOOR GAME]

I recently found the board game OUTBURST: Bible Edition at a thrift store and tried it with my teens during our game time. It was a fun (and loud, in a good way) addition to our growing arsenal of games, and because it is Bible-themed, it is safe from questionable categories.


Two teams (side vs. side, men vs. ladies…) compete for one minute to shout out related items from a 10-item list. One person checks off the items the he hears, earning team points for each.


A 10-sided die is rolled. If the team answered that number, another die is rolled for bonus points (1-3 pts.)


Teams can decide to PASS to the next team and automatically take the next category card. The other team has a chance to plan the card that was passed to them. Each team has three allowable passes.


The ladies get the category Ladies In the Lineage of Christ and PASS to the men. The next card drawn is Foods in the Bible. They have one minute to shout answers like, “Dates! Figs! Bread!” As each answer is shouted, someone ticks them off the 10-item list. The ladies score 7 points for correct answers, and roll the 10-sided die. It shows #8. Since they answered #8 on the list correctly, they roll the other die and receive 2 bonus points for 9 total points in that round.

Play then moves to the men, who have been planning their category and answer the same way as the ladies did. They answered 6 items correctly and roll the die and get #2. Since they did NOT answer #2 correctly, their total score is 6. It is now THEIR turn to choose the category card OR pass to the ladies.


This is a simple game that I store in our youth room as a go-to game. It involves the whole crowd and creates a good atmosphere: playful yet competitive. Points can sway quickly with the additional bonus rolls, and the passing feature keeps one team from running away with the competition.


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