BIG DAY – Script Out and Role Play ALL the Details (Or Something Might Embarrass You)


The exact schedule of our Preaching Rally varies from year to year, but the general layout stays the same. We have certain things that we have repeated since the beginning–three sessions, skits in each session, snack break first, lunch break second,–but we have altered the schedule at times to try new things–men’s and ladies’ split sessions, games/slideshow/video/songs as openers, various little tweaks. In a long-running conference like the Preaching Rally, we constantly try to balance innovation with stability. If we innovate every year, people will not learn to trust the rally and may not keep coming. But if we never innovate, we grow stagnant and predictable. Stability is great. Crumbling over time is not.


The schedule below was taken from a standard year. After our first Preaching Rally, we added 30 minutes to the schedule and have kept the same basic time frames ever since. The goal of the schedule is to keep things moving, and to highlight the preaching. We have just enough fun built into the schedule so that it is still an enjoyable conference without dragging on too long.

The schedule is listed below, with my comments in the bullet points beneath each schedule line. I role play through each script in detail on my Friday run-through, and make sure each item is in its place, including game pieces, music, microphones and megaphones. One year, I was so focused on a practical joke (the frozen mayonnaise gag) that I completely missed some key details in the game. Because I did not think the game through to the end, I forgot one of the most important parts of the game–paper towels to clean up (I still feel bad about that one)! See below for the schedule and all my scripts.


Preaching Rally Schedule

10:40 Music begins (HBBC background) – Ryan B.

  • Churches arrive and register
  • Greeters greet each guest, distributing the booklets, bookmarks and pens

10:55 “5 min.” announce – Bro. Ryan

  • If the services will be starting late, I announce it here so that people know I will start late intentionally, rather than because we lost track of time.

11:00 Goofy music begins – Ryan B.

  • This signals the start of something new without my having to wave my arms or yell

11:00 Session 1 (1 hr. 20 min.)

11:00 Game – Rock/Paper/Scissors CHEER – Bro. Ryan   

  • A game was chosen as the opener this year because it allows the late churches to show up without missing anything important. We now schedule at least 15 minutes of dead space (like games or silly music) at the beginning of each year, whereas in the past we had started with a video or something too important to miss.
  • This game in particular was a bad opening game, because people had to leave their seats to play. Some churches entered during the game, and did not know which pews were available.
  • See pulpit script below

11:10 Opening & Welcome – Bro. Ryan

  • See script below

Pastor prayer

  • I like having our pastor welcome the people and open in prayer, showing that he is interested and involved in young people’s lives.

Platform 1 (script)

Song – Micah 6:8 – Bro. Ryan

  • I often choose Scripture songs with catchy tunes like this one. It teaches new songs, helps them memorize a Bible verse and is fun to sing.

1 Sam. 12:24 (Only Fear the Lord) – Bro. Ryan

Youth Pastor Giveaway (Bible College Book) – Bro. Ryan

  • Each youth pastor stood and our ushers gave each one our book A Case For Bible College, a book about 1) why our church encourages our high school graduates to attend a year of Bible college and 2) how the student can prepare for Bible college.

11:20 Skit 1

  • See the various skit scripts at

Platform 2 (script)

11:25 Psalm 19:14 (Let the Words of My Mouth) – Bro. Ryan

  • One of the improvement for this year was to not use so many unfamiliar songs. This was another new one to the crowd, so they could not get into it as much. I typically use Scripture songs or well-known choruses.
  • Since I was preaching next, I wanted a seamless transition and did not have any special music before the preaching.               

Session 1 – “Together…” – Bro. Ryan Rench (40+ min.)

  • This session was our “Ice Cream Sundae Relationships” sermon, which tied to the theme and decorations. I usually preach one session to introduce the theme, and the guest preacher preaches the other two sessions.

Platform 3 (script)

12:15 Plan page – Bro. Ryan

  • Each person takes out his pen and booklet and fills out the “My Plan” section of their notes, encouraging them to put specific actions in place rather than vague “I want to follow God” statements.

Ice Cream Break Instructions – Bro. Ryan

  • See script below

Dismiss by Registrants, Trivia – Bro. Ryan

  • See script below

12:15 Ice Cream Break (10 min.) – Food Team

  • See script below

Platform 4 (script)

12:20 5 minute warning – Bro. Ken

12:24 Countdown (60 sec.) – Music  

12:25 Session 2 (1 hr.)

12:25 Skit 2 (skit music intro)

12:30 I Am a C(ong) – Bro. Ryan

  • Our traditional silly song

Psalm 9:1-2 (I Will Praise Thee, O Lord) – Bro. Ryan

12:35 Intro Pastor Hetzer, Mixed Ensemble – Bro. Ryan

  • See script below

Platform 5 (script)

Mixed Ensemble – “A Passion for Thee”

  • This is our 8-person teen singing group

12:40 Session 2 – “…we purely…” – Pastor Hetzer (40 min.)

1:20     Plan page – Bro. Ryan

  • See script below

Lunch break instructions – Bro. Ryan  

  • See script below              

Dismiss by random rules– Bro. Ryan       

  • If session 2 finishes late, we start session 3 on time (2:00).
  • If session 2 finishes early, we start session 3 early (take 35 min. lunch).

Platform 6 (script)

1:25     Lunch Break (35 min.) – Food Team

1:55     5 minute warning, clear fellowship hall – Bro. Ken

1:59     Piano begins

2:00     Session 3 (1 hr. 30 min.)

2:00     I Am a C(hicken) – Bro. Ryan

Total Blackout Game, teen version – Bro. Garret

  • See script below

Youth Pastor version

2:20     Skit 3

Platform 7 (script)

2:25     Raise pulpit

Thank You Lord – Bro. Ryan

Intro Mixed Trio/Pastor Hetzer – Bro. Ryan

  • See script below

2:30     Mixed Trio – “My Tribute”

  • My wife, my sister and I sang this trio. Sometimes we use all teens, and other times we use adults for the special music. One year, the wife of the preacher came along and sang two of the specials.

              Session 3 – “…love God.” – Pastor Hetzer (45 min.)

Platform 8 (script)

3:15     Invitation – Pastor Hetzer

I Surrender All – Bro. Ryan

3:25     Plan Page – Bro. Ryan

Closing remarks – Bro. Ryan

  • See script below

3:30     Dismissal

Platform 9 (script)