BIG DAY – Make ’em Laugh – Choosing and Performing Hilarious Skits [Including FULL Scripts!]

Being funny is serious business!

Part of what drives home our theme each year is our custom-written skits. My brother-in-law, Jared Burkholder, is our resident funny man, and therefore our skit chief. Each year when the Guidance Document is finished, three people receive it: the guest preacher, the decorations chief, and the skit chief.

Bro. Jared sits on the theme a couple weeks and creates a funny scenario that could fit all three skits. For our “Pure Love” theme, he created the character Willomena (played by my bearded brother in a blonde wig)–the woo-less woo-ee–who sought in vain for “Mr. Right” to come along and woo her. In skit #3, she settles for a less-than-best candidate. Other scenarios include Sgt. W. O. Manly for our “Gender Matters” theme, and “Camp Mighty Man” for our “Do Something” theme. The play on words with the “Timeless” theme led to a man dressed as Moses, smashing clocks.

Each scenario creates running gags that bring the humor, while still maintaining the point of the theme. Ultimately, the goal of the skits is humor. When the point comes across, that is an added bonus.


Our skit chief recruits his own actors and coordinates all his own practices, usually Wednesday or Sunday nights before or after church. He gathers his own props and schedules his own rehearsal times on the platform, working with the actors and actresses to prepare them to speak up, act extravagantly, and ham up the slapstick parts of the skits (slapstick humor still goes really well with teens).

Click on the titles below to read each of the skit scripts from past years:

2011 - Surrender

2012 - Choose to Abound - “A Preaching Rally Carol”

2013 - Timeless

2014 - Pure Love - The WOO Trilogy (Adapted for use at the 2014 Preaching Rally)

2015 - Gender Matters

2016 - Do Something