2017 Christmas Card

Merry Christmas!

Dear friends and fam,

Your cousin Peggy Dunglesniffer’s Christmas card is probably more interesting than this, but here’s the update on our family from 2017:

With our kids, it really has been awesome! Age 5 (Abe) is super cool. Kindergarten is a breeze and Abe’s reading 10 verses of Proverbs each day. Champ! He got born again (see John 3 in the Bible) while we were in Indiana this year!

Charlotte (3) has become our Michelangelo (the painter, not the ninja turtle, although she throws a mean round-house kick to the face). Her newest compulsion is drawing. And being cute. But the cute part is nothing new.

Gwen troops along with the big kids. She’ll be two in February and talks and screams with the best of them—keeping up with the Rench and Ryser cousins both! She’s a sweet girl with a power personality, standing her own against the forces of all the crazy boys in her life.

Jamie and I are plugging along as parents and ministers, too. Loving church work. Loving parenting. Loving each other.

Jamie is now teacher, mom, wife, event coordinator, underwater basket weaver extraordinaire, singer, and more (one of these is not true).

And I do nothing but sit around and watch. In awe. Mouth agape. She’s incredible. I do… what DO I do? Really, not much.

We got our Christmas book printed. That’s a win. It’s an Advent book to keep Christ in Christmas. WAY better than that dumb bear advent book we had. Uugh.

We went to Romania this summer for a missions trip and helped run two VBS programs and served for about 9 days. Incredible trip and I highly recommend Romania for anyone to visit! Beautiful!

The teens at our church have been gracious to me as I work through Revelation on Sundays, and I’m enjoying preaching in various other states throughout the year, too.

All told, it’s GOOD!
Now feel free to tuck our picture behind your cousin Peggy’s Christmas card.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!
Ryan, Jamie, Abe, Charlotte, & Gwen Rench