2016 Christmas Adventure – The Ryan Rench Family


It All Starts With a Strange Encounter…

You’re bumping through the crowds at the County Fair when you notice a booth you have never seen before. It looks like a small circus tent with a flap for a door. The sign says “The Integration Experience,” and the strange man standing out front is saying, “Come in. Come in. We’re about to start!”

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Merry Christmas!

If you opt out of the adventure, here are a few things that happened in the past year…

Gwen Olivia showed up out of nowhere (okay… we knew for about 9 mos. she was coming), and Abe (4) and Charlotte (2) have taken well to her. Gwen might be walking before her first birthday. We’ll see! Abe is teaching himself to read and add (he’s already looking forward to school), and loves music. He joined kids choir this year, and has a weekly music class with Aunt Nicole. Charlotte’s curly hair makes her prettier every day (easier to manipulate Dad that way!), and she’s a talker. She’ll tell you all about her pretty dress, her shoes, her purses, her dollies and anything else she thinks is pretty.

We added a new car (upgraded our Ford Flex) and sold our old truck. Jamie’s on Facebook and Ryan’s on Twitter now, so we keep in touch with more people on the little things like that.

The extended family’s enjoying growing up together, and we regularly do fun things together. We had San Diego Zoo passes last year and loved the visits a couple times per month.

The church work is going well, too. We’ve done a few new activities and trips, the best one being an inner-city missions trip visiting new churches in Los Angeles. It was an eye-opening 5 days for our Temecula kids. Another highlight was when Jamie and I got to go to OKC to speak at the youth conference at Heartland.

Everything else at church is going well. Our interns were stand-outs, again. Our guest speakers have been amazing. And we finally got a new bus (and I got a new CDL). Our next big thing is the Preaching Rally and GIBF meeting we’re hosting in February. Pray for us as we prepare! In all, things are exciting as always!

Merry Christmas,

-The Ryan Rench Family