That’s what it’s all about!

Soul winning–not the hokey pokey–that’s what it’s all about!

This has been such a great week!  Tuesday night we were able to see a young man saved.  Thursday and Friday night we were able to see Christian teens strengthen and help each other as we had dinners with new believers, and yesterday we had over 30 people show up for a trip to Redlands… 13 of which were teens!  What a blessing to see so many people growing in the Lord and desiring to do his work.

Our trip to Redlands was to help a new church who is having its first service this morning!  Pray for Pastor Nolan as he works to see souls saved and discipled in that area.  Our Pastor and a couple other men were able to lead three others to Christ while passing out flyers and booklets about Shadow Mountain Baptist Church, and we need to pray for Pastor Nolan and those people as God moves.

Keep up the good spirit and good work! It’s a huge reason we’re still here as Christians… to see others brought to Christ.