Parents Parent. So, Parents, Parent. (OYPO – Vol. 34)

One Youth Pastor’s Opinion (OYPO)…

Parents Parent. So, Parents, Parent.

Parents are to parent their children. That’s what they do. They parent. The parents parent, that is… not the kids. The kids don’t parent. That’s the parents’ job.

So, if you’re a parent, parent your kid.

Apparently, some parents think their parents should parent their kid, but a kid should not be parented by his parents’ parents, but by his own parents.

I seem to be confusing things. Here are someone else’s words on it: “Raise your kids; spoil your grandkids. Or else spoil your kids; raise your grandkids.”

My wife witnessed to a lady who is raising her grandkids while her daughter struggles to keep a job because she’s watching Netflix on mom’s couch. “This is NOT how I thought my later years would be,” she told my wife. “I just want to be a grandma, but my daughter won’t parent her child.”

Speaking of terrible parents, last week I heard of a gay couple who adopted a baby and chose not to give it a gender. They will let it decide on its own.

Sin aside, their decision as parents will only lead to Gender Dysphoria, a psychiatric condition in which a person thinks he or she is a different gender than they biologically are. Compelling the public to agree or go to jail doesn’t seem to help either, as a disparately high number of transgender people (including those who have had sex change surgeries) continue to suffer from effects of their condition (e.g. suicide, depression, etc.)

Without an anchor of timeless morals, those kids will flounder.

Forget letting the child decide. In what other area do we do that? Brushing their teeth? Choosing their meals? Bedtime?

Any self-respecting youngster will do his doggoned-est to uphold the code of the child: “I hereby vow to try to hurl myself off every high object including stairs, balconies, and tables. I will eat candy as often as I can find it, disembowel the vacuum cleaner, and never brush my teeth, so help me God.”

Kids don’t need to be parents. They need parents. They need to be parented.

They need to be taught values that benefit society–through forcible means, if necessary.

And Christian parents need to keep their eye on the main goal of all–not merely good kids, but godly adults.

So, parents, I commend you for parenting. It’s no problem to put limitations, and I think helping your children develop habits like Bible reading and prayer are great!

It takes discipline, though.

Parents parent. So, parents, I beg you… parent your kids. They desperately need it.

Sermon Summary

Sunday School

Continuing our preaching from Romans 9 lead us to questions about free will and God’s sovereignty. We learned that Romans 9 is primarily speaking about God’s sovereign control of the movement of the nation of Israel, and not, in fact, about salvation. The takeaway for teens was that God is so big, He can handle anything. Any level of weakness we impose on God is silly, and we ought to respond to his greatness as such. Last week, we showed the following video in our class:

Last Wednesday

Last night’s class lesson through the book Change Into His Image showed the “doing” side of how we respond to God’s grace. If Christ endured the cross, we ought to endure any little bit of persecution to serve God.

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