[UPDATED] What Cover Has the Most Potential? (Nothing Final Yet…)

I put these everywhere this week–Twitter, my teens, and my family. Maybe that was a mistake…

I like the variety of opinions, though. Covers I thought NO ONE would like turned out to be some of my teens’ favorites (I won’t tell you which ones).

My son has a favorite, and my wife has several. I’ve heard back from artists and designers, regular people and, er–irregular people?

I’ve heard from all kinds.

Now what are your thoughts? I would like your opinion. Let me know by commenting below. 



Here are my thoughts on some people’s favorites… 

17. Mountain. It’s pretty, but it’s too mainstream for my liking.

18. Dark Swirl. I like the black/yellow color scheme, but the swirl isn’t my favorite.

19. Concrete. I only included this one because a few of my teens liked it the best.

20. Hero. This is the front-runner, so far. I like it. My wife likes it (she’s gets a LOT of voting power). My son likes it. You know… that almost settles it for me.

22. Grey/Blue. This design is cool, but I’m not sure that it will work for what we’re after. 


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See here for the ORIGINAL options:

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