My Future Million$$! What If. . . [Temporal To Eternal – Part 3/3] (OYPO Vol. 56)

Oh great… root of all evil.

Okay, okay… I love learning about money, and money stuff in general.

So last week’s Sunday school sermon was a weird one on money (from 5/5/19). Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working through Romans 12, which teaches that real love has real-life actions attached to it. Christianity isn’t just a vague belief in an invisible God somewhere, but it changes us from the inside out. We’ve covered patience, and being kind to each other, and working hard, and—last week—using our money to help others.

“But we don’t have money!” says the average teen.

True. That’s kind of why you need to learn to think biblically about your money now, before you’re too attached to it. It’s easy to surrender something you don’t have.

Yep. Christianity even affects our bank accounts. Socialism is about forcing people to be generous by threatening jail time if you don’t pay taxes that they’ll then poorly distribute to a lot of random people and organizations—against your will. Christianity is about distributing it yourself.

The charitable contribution statements just came out a couple weeks ago for a bunch of political figures, and it did not look pretty for most of the Democratic presidential nominees. The worst I saw was $300 per year over the past 10 years. Compared to Mitt Romney’s $3,000,000, there’s a big difference a few zeros makes.

I proposed a change in the social fabric, starting with the future families of our teenagers—using their future money generously to help other people. We’re not talking about overturning a horrible U.S. budget, where 2/3 of what we spend goes to Social (in)Security, welfare, unemployment, and government healthcare. We’re talking about overturning a laziness about work, or a stupidness about spending.

Money wisdom starts with me. My choices.

And if I have no money, I’ll never be able to be generous.

We dreamed about the future with some numbers from an investment calculator, but we’ll review those million$ next week! For now, go raise your kids to be money-wise not for their own good, but for the investment in eternity.  -Bro. Ryan

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