Christmas Stupidness

In typical fashion, I’ve morphed a good story into a bad one. Several bad ones, actually. Several bad stories per day. *sigh

I usually end my posts with “enjoy,” but that’s dreaming too big, I think.

Perhaps “endure if you dare” might be the best sign off. . .



Once Upon a NON-Time

“Choose-Your-Story” Edition:

Dec. 1. Once Upon a Time? Or Non-Time?

Choose between two alternate beginnings. One is the true story; the other will leave you sadly disappointed. I promise. READ HERE


Dec. 2. The Bible.

Nothing weird here. Just a slight twist with a few little choices along the way through the actual story. READ HERE


Dec. 3. Rogue Puzzle.

Ok… back to weirdness. I’m imagining Calvin from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbs going through this very real problem. READ HERE (link coming soon)


Dec. 4. I’ve got nothin.