No, it’s called ‘well-rounded.’
I’m an associate pastor. I write where I live.


I write where I live: youth, music and other associate pastor-ly duties. 

As associate pastors, our job descriptions are quite varied. This website talks about our multifarious responsibilities. 
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I’ve taken several stabs at writing books. None of them are great, but I hope they can help you in some way. I love reading after good authors. Some day I want to be one of them. Until then, you’re stuck with a novice associate pastor’s take on ministry. Our full-length books and minibooks cover topics like Bible study, church soul-winning, Bible college and more. Books>>

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Church ministry produces a ton of regular content. Sunday’s always coming, so associate pastors have to always be ready with something. Since I’m preaching to teens weekly, working with a choir and coordinating a few other ministries, I figured I would share what I’m already writing for church. Read the blog to see sermons, weekly announcement sheets and more. Blog>>

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My dad moved to Temecula in 1986 to plant our church (Calvary Baptist). I was 6 months old. There was one stoplight and about 15,000 people. Now, our valley has over 300,000 people. We work every day to love people without compromising the Truth in God’s Word–the Bible. Our driving motto has been, “Striving for truth, not traditions or trends.” I love that. Church>>


  • Spell the Word... [ACTIVE GAME]
    Spell the Word… [ACTIVE GAME]
    Divide into two teams. Each person holds one letter (listed below) printed on one sheet of paper (some people can hold two letters, if needed). Call a word, and students run up and spell it out. The first team done scores a point....
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  • Do You Love Your Neighbor? [ACTIVE GAME]
    Do You Love Your Neighbor? [ACTIVE GAME]
      Arrange teens in a circle of chairs, facing inward. One person is in the middle. The middle person asks any seated person, “Do you love your neighbor?” If “No,” the people on either side (the neighbors) switch seats. The middle man tries...
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The Renches

Our growing family is slightly crazy, but we have a good time. Ryan is a wannabe writer and a barely-knows-what-he’s-doing dad, while Jamie has her doctorate from ‘Stellar Wife and Mom University.’ Abe (2012) has spastic fits of energy that sometimes gets him into trouble, but he’s mostly a sweet kid. Charlotte (2014) is precious. She’s somehow growing cuter every day. And the baby, Gwen (2016) is everyone’s darling. Especially the grandparents, of course. . Visit FAMILY Page 

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BIBS Bible Study

Have you ever been reading a book and had your eyes glaze over? All of a sudden you realize you have been staring at the same paragraph for 10 minutes but have not read a word. Or, you might have read it, but you sure didn’t get it!
We have all been there. Some people do that with every book. Every time they sit to read, their mind wanders away.
On top of that, your pastor gets up on Sunday and says, “You should spend time in God’s Word. Read your Bible this week.”
“Yeah right,” you think. “I can barely understand the Bible. It doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t get it.”
It does not have to be that way. You CAN read the Bible AND understand what it says. It is not impossible; it just takes a format that works for you.
That is what this book is all about. BIBS (Big Idea Bible Study) is a format designed for every Christian. It is a Bible study method that takes you into the depths of Scripture but also keeps sight of the bigger picture.
BIBS is a simple step-by-step course to help you discover what God is saying in His Word. You will learn to observe, interpret and apply Scriptural truth, taking the “old, dry, boring” book and discovering the life it promises for your soul.

Literally dozens of people have read enjoyed purchased considered buying *sigh… read the title of BIBS and have been helped by it. Maybe some of them read the back cover… I’m not sure.

If you’re interested in joining the throngs of raving fans, check it out on Amazon by visiting and leave a review!

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